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Asparagus with Cream Sauce

Author: Edna Lewis

Steamed Carrots and Mint

Author: Molly Stevens

Soy and Ginger Steamed Fish

This method is endlessly adaptable: Swap the black bass for salmon; use spinach instead of cabbage. Don't like mushrooms? Skip 'em!

Author: Christina Chaey

Cornmeal Tamales

Author: Robb Walsh

Steamed Asparagus with Shallot Vinaigrette

Author: Bon Appétit Test Kitchen

Cooler Steamed Corn

Grill your corn right away over the high heat of just-lit coals, then let it hang out in a cooler while you grill proteins and more delicate vegetables. The corn will finish cooking by steaming in the...

Author: Brad Leone

Moules Marinière

Author: Susan Herrmann Loomis

Honey Roasted Carrots

Steaming the carrots tenderizes them before baking. The honey really heats up; during baking, check once or twice so it doesn't burn the carrots.

Author: Sheila Lukins