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Beef Empanadas


Author: slatkasamrica

Fried Sweet Bananas

A very traditional breakfast or dessert in northeast Brazil, bananas or plantains are fried in butter and coated with cinnamon-sugar. Delicious with vanilla ice cream too.

Author: Nandabear

Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk

This simple chicken in a vibrant coconut milk sauce will fill your kitchen with the enticing aromas of South American cooking. It's great served over pasta or rice.

Author: MLYIN

Colombian Arepas

This is a quick and easy recipe to make delicious Colombian arepas. They are usually served for breakfast, as a side dish, or even for a quick meal.

Author: Sweet y Salado


Brazil's national cocktail is so refreshing and delicious! Ask your liquor store to order Cachaca for you if they don't stock it, there's no substitute.

Author: CAMILLA362


There is a great Brazilian sweet that is like a bonbon and extremely scrumptious and delicious called brigadeiro! This is a great type of sweet that is loved here in Brazil! Try it! You can make it in...


Churrasco (Argentine Grilled Meat Marinade )

This is a marinade for the churrasco dish. In Argentina, where this style of cooking developed, "churrasco" actually refers to many types of meats prepared on the grill. It's also popular with Nicaraguans....

Author: Nif_H

Peruvian Lomo Saltado

This is a traditional, very easy dish to make. I might add that it's very popular with finicky kids and adults as well.

Author: Perricholi

Tender Juicy Skirt Steak (Churrasco)

Ever wondered how to get a well-cooked, juicy piece of meat, without butterflying it or cutting down the middle to see if it's done and has a good color? Here you go! Serve with steamed veggies, mashed...

Author: Sweetie_12

Peruvian Arroz con Pollo (Peruvian Rice and Chicken)

This is a Peruvian rice and chicken dish made with cilantro and a special Peruvian kick. It's very delicious, my Peruvian father-in-law said that mine was even better then his sister's - who is one of...

Author: Amber Berrocal

Brazilian Style Flan (Pudim de Leite Condensado)

I learned to make this when we lived in Brazil. It has a wonderful, creamy texture without being too heavy. Melted syrup will run down sides, forming a caramel sauce. Serve cool with a dollop of whipped...

Author: PattyZumba

Authentic Empanada Pastry Dough

Try this easy and authentic empanada pastry dough! Quick to make since all ingredients are mixed in a food processor, then kneaded just very quickly and it's done. You can make it in advance, just cut...

Author: Fioa

Pollo a la Brasa (Peruvian Grilled Chicken)

For your next cookout, treat your family to a classic Peruvian dish made on the grill instead of in the oven. This recipe is simple to prepare and is bursting with flavor. If you like things spicy, leave...

Author: Soup Loving Nicole

Caipirinha Cocktail

The Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. Made with a sugar cane rum known as cachaca, limes and sugar, it's a sweet, yet tart taste of South America

Author: Allrecipes

Papa a la Huancaina (Huancayo Style Potatoes)

This means Huancainan-style potato and comes from Huancayo, Peru. It's an easy-to-make dish of sliced potatoes with a special sauce.

Author: marco

Coconut Coconut Milk Cake

This is a super moist and tasty coconut cake. Growing up in Brazil, this was a favorite amongst our circle of friends. It is especially good with a cup of coffee on the side. I've converted a few of my...

Author: 4eversmiling

Alfajores Argentinean Style

This is a traditional cookie that is much loved in most Latin cultures. Even my mother in law says they're the BEST, and that is saying a lot considering she is from Mendoza, Argentina!

Author: Christina-Chrisi Marvasi

Positively the Best Taco Salad

I have experimented for a long time perfecting this recipe. I finally have the secret! I am requested to bring this to every pot luck, family dinner, etc. You won't be disappointed!

Author: kimscatering

Argentinian Steak with Red Chimichurri

Argentinian culture is renowned for beef and asados (barbecues). Red chimichurri sauce is the typical sauce accompaniment.

Author: Jillian

Chef John's Brazilian Fish Stew

My interpretation of Brazilian seafood stew (or moqueca) uses just fish, so I'm calling it the weeknight version. It's ready to serve in less than 30 minutes.

Author: Chef John

Sweet Cornmeal Cake Brazilian Style

Very easy and fast to make from scratch and healthy, too. In Brazil, this cake is a favorite along a cup of coffee for breakfast. It is very similar in texture to a cornmeal bread, but only this is a sweet...

Author: VickyLondres

Mom's Stovetop Pork Ribs

This is how my Brazilian mom prepares pork ribs. Boiling the ribs with the seasonings ensures that the meat will remain moist and juicy, and that the flavors will fully penetrate the meat. I hope you like...

Author: THELMALU99

Churrascaria Style Picanha

My version of the favorite item found in a Brazilian churrascaria. Serve with tomato vinaigrette.

Author: Anonymous

Alfajores (Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies)

Given to me by a chef who sweet-talked the recipe out of a street vendor in Peru. These alfajores are to die for.

Author: vegchef

Chilean Pebre

In Chile, this is a popular side to go with many dishes, or just eaten with bread. My favorite is to use this to top Chilean empanadas.

Author: Heidi

Brazilian Churrasco

Top sirloin steak done the Brazilian way, giving you nothing but the true flavor of the meat.

Author: Karis Joy Lmt

Brazilian Chicken A Mineira

This is a recipe from the region where I'm from in Brazil. It is good to eat on Sundays. In Portuguese it's called frango com caldinho.

Author: Camilla Felicori

Rosemary Steak

This is a wonderful steak dish that was prepared for me when I lived in Argentina. This Argentinean steak dish is quite popular in various restaurants around Buenos Aires.

Author: Susan Wilson

Pisco Sour


Author: DORITA

Brazilian Lemonade

This recipe for 'lemonade' actually uses limes. It is best served immediately.

Author: Jumala

Argentine Meat Empanadas

My original version for the Argentinean recipe. Rich and delicious. Any meat can be used for this recipe, just be sure to cut it up into tiny pieces.

Author: Liliana

Pisco Sour Cocktail


Author: Allrecipes

Aji de Gallina

This is a delicious, traditional Peruvian chicken stew in a spicy, nutty cheese sauce. It takes time, but is well worth it! I serve this over boiled white rice and baby yellow potatoes.

Author: Emma

Peruvian Locro (Butternut Squash)

I got this recipe from my husband's grandmother who is from Peru. This recipe is delicious and healthy. It is also filling. The butternut squash, corn, and sweet peas are combined into a delicious dish...

Author: Holly

Dry Chimichurri Master Mix/Rub

From the blog Asado Argentina. She says to rub the dry mixture into meats before grilling or roasting, use with vegetables, sprinkle over pizza before cooking, create chimichurri hamburgers or add to salads...

Author: gailanng

Chilean Potato Pie (Pastel de Papas)

This is a lot like a Shepherd's Pie with a little Latin flair. Good comfort food.

Author: Cucina di papa

Peruvian Arroz con Pollo

I was taught by my Peruvian mother-in-law how to cook some of my husband's favorite meals. I have perfected one of her dishes...she even says it is better then hers!

Author: Katie

Pastel de Choclo

Choclo is the quechua word for "tender corn," or the new corn of the season. This is a typical Chilean dish, but is also eaten in Argentina and Peru with some variations in the recipe, sometimes using...

Author: Epicureo

Authentic Spicy Chicken Tacos

While many North Americans think of tacos as having crisp, fried shells, authentic Mexican tacos are made with soft, fresh corn tortillas. The traditional preparation is the smart choice, as unfried corn...

Author: Wildflour

Peruvian Aji de Gallina

This is a Peruvian dish that is shredded chicken in a spicy stew. Though traditionally it's made with hen. Very delicious. Serve over rice with skinned, boiled potatoes (should still be firm and not mushy),...

Author: Amber Berrocal

Cuban Style Slow Cooker Chicken Fricassee

"This is a typical Cuban dish. It's easy to make and quite tasty. This goes best over white rice and some fried plantains."

Author: Dommynchristian

Beijinho de Coco (Coconut Little Kiss)

Condensed milk cooked with butter and coconut flakes, formed into little candy balls makes this a favorite Brazilian recipe especially at birthday parties. Kids (and adults) love it!

Author: BR Cook

Brazilian Passion Fruit Mousse (Maracuja)

This is Brazilian favorite (and an old family recipe), and takes no cooking at all. It's a little tart and tangy for those of you who don't like your desserts to be too sweet.


Peruvian Causa

This spicy potato-layered dish with meat is a everyone-is-going-to-love-it dish! Even if people don't like certain ingredients, the combination is sensational! With this dish you can make the layers as...

Author: Amber Berrocal

Brazilian Coffee Cookies

A gingersnap-like cookie with real coffee flavor.

Author: Patty

Chilean Empanada

My mother is from Chile and these have been a staple of our household for years. I have searched and searched and never seem to find the right one, so here is our family favorite. My mom likes to sprinkle...

Author: Alicia Moore Lutz

Pisco Sour II

This is a typical Chilean drink served at every party in Chile (also served before lunch or dinner). This is my mother's version and although there are may be as many versions of it as there are Chileans...

Author: PattyQ

Arroz con Pollo (Peruvian Style)

This is an original Peruvian recipe for cilantro rice with veggies and chicken. I really like to eat this with avocado seasoned with lime and salt, or with onions seasoned with lime, salt, and pepper....

Author: carla from peru

Brazilian Grilled Salmon With Mango Salsa

I once went to a fabulous Brazilian restaurant, where they made something similar to this recipe. I recreated it, with some tweaking, to rave reviews. Drizzle with warm coconut cream before serving if...

Author: modestalmond

Argentinean Skirt Steaks

This is the most requested main dish in my house. Everyone loves it and that is a rare thing indeed! These steaks are almost too simple to believe and they turn out great every single time. So tender and...

Author: LauraG