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My grandmother always made this...I love it, very easy to make. This is a RI thing I would say because I mentioned this to a friend of a friend & they never heard of it.

Author: Lori-Jo Wahl

Fried Calamari with Two Dipping Sauces

Living in New England we are spoiled to have some great fried seafood stands but they can be pricey so I thought about trying it on my own. This recipe is fantastic! And the dipping sauces really take...

Author: Monica Keleher

All Time Favorite Chocolate Pudding and Pie Filling

This chocolate pudding is thick, creamy, and so decadent. It makes the perfect old-fashioned chocolate pie or dessert cups like you used to find the school cafeteria. This pudding can be made with simple...


Deep Fried Cake Donuts

Here is a recipe for cake donuts or donut holes for folks who don't like yeast donuts or just want to add variety to mornings.

Author: Skip Davis

Deep Fried Vegetables

When frying,use Canola Oil. It's lower in the bad stuff and it doesn't absorb into the food like others. Never use vegetable oil! Always pat dry whatever it is you are going to batter and fry, this way...

Author: David Kuhlmann

Creamy Braunschweiger Spread & Crackers

I love Braunschweiger. I will eat it on bread with mayo only. I guess thats my Wisconsin roots in me. These appetizers are one of my favorites. I haven't made these in a long while. I think I will make...

Author: Tammy T

Chocolate Peanut Butter Krispie Bars

Another treat with chocolate and peanut butter! It's a real favorite in our house!

Author: Debbie Sue

Clark Bars

I make these at Christmas time and also Easter. can form into eggs, or logs or even balls.

Author: gaynel mohler

Lemon Cucumber Pickles

You can add hot peppers to this if you prefer it spicy. Fermented foods are so good for you and this is much easier than going through the whole boiling bottles process.You can add these to other foods,...

Author: Jo Zimny


Do you remember? The A&P grocery store and the famous SPANISH BAR CAKE? The Great American Tea Co. was founded in 1859. Later the name changed to A&P. In 1937 A&P published The Womans Day magazine! From...

Author: Nancy J. Patrykus

Old Fashioned Baked Rice Pudding

There are many different ways to make rice pudding and everyone has their favorite. This one is my favorite. It's a very old recipe that I got from a friend. I don't know where it came from originally,...

Author: Elaine Bovender

1950 CHOCOLATE SAUERKRAUT CAKE (think coconut)

My mother-in-law had put this recipe in her 1950 Indiana Church Cookbook.I I have had the recipe since then, and have baked it many times. It is always liked by my family and friends. In 2007, The Spokane...

Author: Nancy J. Patrykus

3 Ingredient Cobbler

My hairdresser who is also a very good friend of mine had a client come into her shop one morning with this apple cobbler. Well of course it spread like wild fire. Once you make and eat it you will see...

Author: Mari Craddock

Deviled ham Dip

This dip was brought to work for a holiday snack pitch-in. I & everbody in the office loved it. I got the recipe and made it for the fsmily that night. It was a huge success and is now a must make for...

Author: Donald Bellinger

Tasty Crab N Cream Cheese Pinwheels

These are a very tasty appetizer or anytime snack...I first made them for a New Years Eve party, and got rave reviews...I adapted this recipe from a ham type pinwheel my Aunt always made...my family has...

Author: Cassie *

Spicy Pretzels aka "Crack Pretzels"!!!

When my friend gave me this recipe, she called them "Crack Pretzels"...she said they were like crack because you couldn't stop eating them! ha ha! The first time I made these, I thought my husband was...

Author: Amber Franks

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Bacon wrapped asparagus is delicious and addictive. This recipe has a thick, sweet sauce that's poured on top and caramelizes on the savory bacon. So good! We bet you won't be able to eat just one. If...

Author: Ashley Gunderson

Claussen CopyKat Pickles

We like it Spicy, omit Pepper flakes and chile peppers for no heat.

Author: Ricky Gilman

Dots Copycat Pretzel Recipe

I tried every recipe to mimic Dot's pretzels since I can't always find them or wait on Amazon. Every recipe came up short or missing something. I finally decided to make my own recipe without following...

Author: Roni Rawlins

Easy Ham and Asparagus Roll Ups

Spargel mit Schinken is one of my husband's favorite German appetizers to prepare, tender asparagus is wrapped in prosciutto ham that has first been spread with seasoned cream cheese. These are always...

Author: Jeanne Pence

Holiday Cheddar Spread

This cheddar spread was a hit! All the taste testers said it's the beer that makes this dip so good. This would be great to serve as an appetizer during the holidays, but would also be great at a tailgate...

Author: Edith Kehoe

Cinnamon sugar pizza

Got this and just had to share

Author: Rachel Burbank

No Fail Brown Sugar Fudge

This is one of the best recipes for brown sugar fudge i've found.

Author: sylvia bourque

Homemade Frito Lay Bean Dip

I love this one too.So does my family.Anything homemade is way better than anything the grocery store can sell to you.

Author: Connie Brannen

Sweet Crispix Snack Mix

With football season getting ready to kick off, I was going through my crowd pleasing recipes. This is amazing, goes a long way and satisfies the sweet/salty crunch tooth!

Author: Bonnie Strother

Crispy Baked Tuna Balls Good!

This is a flavorful and quick and easy appetizer that my husband, friends and I enjoy. It is also good as a snack for both children and adults, although for kids you may want to tame down the spiciness...

Author: Martha Price

Secret Restaurant Refried Bean Dip

When I buy a can of refried beans they never taste as good as restaurant refried bean dip. I found this recipe and it tasted great!

Author: Lolly St John

Knox Blocks

I love this "finger" jello and best thing - it is fat free. This is the original recipe that was found on the back of the Knox gelatin box. Also included is a creamy version that is definitely not fat...

Author: Jayme Makowski

CRAB au gratin

I have had these shells for awhile. Forgot I had them! This is the recipe that came with them in the package. It looks like a good one, and rather easy. I will be making them soon..and I hope you will...

Author: Nancy J. Patrykus

Caramel Crispix in Microwave

Found this recipe on Cooks.com while looking for some new snack ideas for a family party coming up. Couldn't keep my husband out of it! He loved it! It was so easy and quick. Hopefully there will be some...

Author: Lois Payment

Dutch Apple Pie (crumb crust)

I found this recipe in a Taste of Home Magazine in the '90's and I've been using it ever since. I love the cooked, creamy filling which sets it apart from many other recipes and prompts requests for the...

Author: Family Favorites

Pizza Burgers

This was always one of my favorite school cafeteria lunches. I loved them, and so do my kids. Quick and tasty..brings back childhood memories...

Author: Cassie *

Laura Bush's cowboy cookies

I love oatmeal and cinnamon and this recipe satisfies all those taste ...Great with coffee

Author: debra willoughby

Chocolate Malted Granola Bars

I have extremely fond memories of drinking a glass of Ovaltine with my grandfather Eugene Campbell after he finished working at Republic Steel Mill. Then, we would take a nap. Anyway, I still drink Ovaltine...

Author: Kimberly Biegacki

Chinese Broccoli (Gai Lan)

While most families have a main dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner, when it was time to eat at my grandfathers house there was several dishes on the table. A typical Chinese style dinner consisted of...

Author: Nicole Fleming

Homemade Krispy Kremes Donut Holes

You might have to play with this recipe depending on elevation and humidity differences for different areas. I live in Colorado and use 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups of flour. Good luck! :-)

Author: Sheila D

Baked Onion Blossom

I love "blooming onions" and this is a low fat version because it is baked, not deep fried.

Author: Skip Davis

Blue Ribbon Zucchini Carrot Raisin Bread

It won't be long and we will all be overrun with zucchini. So tuck this wonderful recipe away and you'll be all set when they arrive! For variation, you can substitute dried cranberries or dried cherries...

Author: Family Favorites

Raisins & Rice

I use to eat this as a kid. It is quick and easy. You can make it with left over cooked rice. I love this Cold,Warm and even Hot..

Author: Marie Gunkel

The Best Ever Croutons

These croutons are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside and the best I've ever had. One of the restaurants (Ruby Tuesday's) we go to told me that their croutons were deep fried, so I just had...

Author: Kimberly Biegacki

Daddy's Shrimp or Crab Boil Seasoning Secret

My Daddy was born and raised in Shreveport Louisiana, and absolutely loved any kind of seafood you could name (and knew how to cook it, too!). This was a frequent snack item at my house growing up; freshly...

Author: Julie Madawi

Kosher Dill Pickles Small Batch

Kosher Dill Pickles Featuring Ball® Kosher Dill Pickle Mix - Small Batch Now with Pickle Crisp® Granules for crunchier pickles! SKIP'S NOTE: This new pickle mix does away with all the added things you...

Author: Skip Davis

Shrimp Stuffed Cucumber Appy / My Way

I made these for my Moms Birthday party and were a big hit...My sister made them with crab for another party, and I went by her recipe, tweaking to my own preferences. I believe I liked my version better....

Author: Cassie *

Mom's Chocolate Cake (8X8 pan)

My Mom used to make this for us when I was little, usually with powdered sugar on top instead of frosting. It can easily be doubled into a layer cake or 9 x 13. I prefer chocolate cakes from scratch using...

Author: Lisa Foote

Low Fat Bisquick Mix

This is a great way to make low fat Bisquick mix at home! I found this recipe a few years ago on a cooking site, posted by a member named ChefJeb. I've made it many times and it always works perfectly!...

Author: Lillian Russo

Crock Pot Candy

These are so easy and good...great for the holidays..I found this recipe out of "Redbook"

Author: Cassie *

Jello Pinwheels

This is a really easy recipe that I found online. It uses Jello, marshmallows, and water..THATS IT! These remind me of "fruit by the foot" or fruit snacks. I have used all different types of jello. I love...

Author: Darell Bell

Magic Cookie Bars from Eagle Brand

Been making this for years. It's from the Eagle Brand Sweetened milk company. You can use any kind of chocolate or candy pieces you like. I toast the coconut and sometimes add cranberries or raisins, marshmallows....

Author: Jennifer S

Refrigerator Pickled Banana or Hot Peppers

When we're having a good pepper season in the garden there's way more than we can eat. Pickling them not only extends their life, it's a whole different flavor than fresh. The brine from the hot ones is...

Author: Pamela Rappaport

Family Favorite Butter Toffee Popcorn (Easy)

My family has been making this recipe for well over 40 years. Need a sure seller for a bake sale or fundraiser? This is it. For 20 years, I packaged cute, ribbon-tied treat bags in school colors for nearly...

Author: Family Favorites