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Easy Beef Stroganoff

Easy to make. Reheats well. Very good, this is a favorite in our house. Total preparation time is 30 minutes!

Author: Colleen B. Smith

Chow Mein Noodle Casserole

This is a very tasty dish that even my kids love! It can easily be cut in half. It uses soy sauce and chow mein noodles to give it an Asian flair.

Author: Cindy B :)

Simple Beef Stroganoff

This is a very simple and quick beef stroganoff that can be made after a busy day at work. It uses ground beef and mushroom soup!

Author: Brenda

Beef and Noodle Casserole

This is a great recipe for busy mothers, and it's excellent with a tossed salad and French bread. It's a ground beef casserole that combines egg noodles, some sherry, and cheese in a tomato sauce base....


Easy Stroganoff

Valentine's Day is special for us because it is our wedding anniversary as well! Though this isn't a standard 'romantic' recipe, every time I prepare this dish the love flows freely! It is a way to show...


Egg Noodles

This is your basic old fashioned recipe for egg noodles, just like grammy used to make! Try making them next time you prepare your favorite soup or stew. Don't forget that fresh pasta cooks much quicker...

Author: Linda

Grandma's Ground Beef Casserole

As the title suggests, this was my Grandmother's recipe. I've tweaked the amount of cheese and sour cream depending on what I've got in the fridge and it always turns out great! My mother has suggested...

Author: LaDonna Langwell

Amish Buttered Egg Noodles

Very tasty, easy buttered egg noodle dish.

Author: Carol Castellucci Miller

Easy Turkey Tetrazzini

An easy, quick turkey dish that turns precooked turkey into a family favorite.

Author: ONE+ONE

Cold Sesame Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Spicy Asian-style sesame noodles that are delicious served cold or hot.

Author: KBANDE

Hamburger Noodle Casserole

Easy casserole.

Author: ala

Chow Mein Noodle Cookie

An easy drop cookie, perfect for the holidays.

Author: Carol

Amish Casserole

A satisfyingly rich and hearty casserole from the Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Author: deedledeet

Noodles Romanoff

A creamy family favorite. Very good with meat loaf.

Author: Carolyn


This recipe is so quick and delicious. It's been in my family for years! I serve it with garlic bread or Mexican cornbread.

Author: Lori

Creamy Ground Beef and Noodles

A delicious, creamy ground beef dinner with noodles and corn topped with cheese. This is one of those recipes that if you don't try it, you won't know what you are missing.

Author: SHERI5

Pizza Casserole

This recipe takes all the good things we love on pizza and combines them with egg noodles to form a great, one-dish casserole to feed your family.

Author: Melissa

Johnny Marzetti III

An easy school version of Johnny Marzetti. To freeze, don't add the cheese or bake ahead of time. Use your choice of elbow or egg noodles.

Author: Marsha

Peanut Butter Haystacks

Delicious is all I can say.

Author: Carole Zee

Quick Meatball Stroganoff

This is a recipe I came up because my family loves stroganoff. It was a hit with everyone.

Author: Barbara Miller

Ground Beef Chinese Casserole

Like grandma used to make! Serve over or beside a bed of rice.

Author: mike_noodles

Corned Beef Noodle Casserole

A sure fire hit at family reunions and potlucks.

Author: hippo183

Grandma's Dried Beef Casserole

This was my favorite meal when staying with Grandpa and Grandma. Hope you enjoy!


Beef Tips and Noodles

This is a great dish that's very easy to make with just a few ingredients. Great with rolls of any type. I got this recipe from my mom years ago and it is a family favorite.

Author: Julie

Simple Hamburger Stroganoff

I've always loved the taste of a good Stroganoff, but I hated the expense and preparation of beef tips or steak or roast beef to make it. So I created my own creamy Stroganoff.

Author: Jessica

Sour Cream Noodle Bake

This is a warm and satisfying dish. Kids like it too!

Author: KIMIRN

Healthier Homemade Mac and Cheese

To make this rich mac and cheese recipe healthier we use whole wheat bread crumbs, low-fat milk and cheese, whole wheat noodles, and reduced the amount of butter. Serve with a salad for a healthy meatless...

Author: MakeItHealthy

Fresh Asparagus and Chicken Casserole

Great in the spring when asparagus first comes in and you can get it fresh.


Stir Fry Ramen

This is a great way to couple vegetables that must be used with ramen noodles. A quick and easy after-work meal bursting with flavor.

Author: Shelley Lima

Creamy Shrimp Casserole

My grandmother's special recipe and a family favorite in our house. Shrimp, egg noodles, peas and a few mushrooms layered in creamy sauce. Although this recipe yields quite a bit, my family of 4 usually...

Author: cutienut

Best Beef Chow Mein

From my experience many of the recipes I have found for chow mein and lo mein seem to be either dry or very bland. I have been working at this one and my family has decided that this is the one and I will...

Author: ttruxy

Best Beef Stroganoff

Thinly sliced beef in a rich creamy sour cream sauce. This recipe is how Count Stroganoff intended the dish to be made!


Carol's Chow Mein Noodle Casserole

This recipe was passed down from my aunt. It's very fast to put together, and the end result is a delicious soft noodle in the middle of the casserole with a crunchy noodle top.

Author: Liz


A delicious recipe my grandma gave me, this was my favorite dinner when I was a kid. It's still in my top ten! For the grown-ups, Grandma would make another casserole separately with a layer of sliced...


Ground Beef Stroganoff

This easy, fast, and economical recipe sure to please. It is equally good over rice. Serve this family favorite with a green salad and a light dessert.

Author: Linda Russell

Cheesy Beef Noodle Casserole

This is definitely kid approved. My daughter is the pickiest eater; she and even her friends will ask for it again and again.

Author: Kc Stevens


A quick easy casserole to whip up in minutes any night of the week!! A old family favorite!!!!!

Author: RLJAYW

Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff

This is a rich and meaty vegetarian stroganoff made with portobello mushrooms, and served over egg noodles. It is quick to make, and tastes delicious.


Simple Beef Tips and Noodles

This is one of my family favorites; it's a great starter recipe for using a pressure cooker. It is wonderful any time of year, but we like it best in the cooler weather. Very quick and easy to make after...

Author: Dennis Errichiello

Easy Slow Cooker Stroganoff

Was in a hurry one day and threw this all together in the slow cooker. When I got home I was so surprised because it tastes like beef stroganoff made the hard way. So much simpler. I love this on a big...

Author: Starr

Shrimp and Asparagus

This recipe is a delicious option for shrimp. Shrimp sauteed with asparagus and mushrooms, tossed with egg noodles.

Author: Cathy Christensen

Hamburger Stroganoff


Author: Linzie Smith

Easter Bird's Nests

Such a cute edible decoration!

Author: Jilly

Beef Stroganoff for Instant Pot®

A truly one-pot meal! Fork-tender beef and mushrooms with egg noodles. This recipe is written using the Instant Pot®.

Author: Lissa

Elegant Beef Stroganoff

This recipe is easy to make and makes an elegant-looking meal that anyone would be proud to offer to guests. This is one of the favorite dinners for my family. It can be easily increased to serve more...

Author: judy2304

Noodle Casserole with Sour Cream and Cheese

This recipe is great for a holiday brunch. My family makes this noodle casserole for Christmas and Easter brunch every year!

Author: tcn5

Spinach and Black Bean Pasta

This is a very tasty and easy vegetarian pasta dish. It takes minimal time to prepare and has amazing flavor! It's also great served with brown rice!

Author: Christine Wise Stroop

Company Casserole

Egg noodles and beef in a tomato and mushroom sauce with cottage and Cheddar cheese.

Author: BJ MOORE

Chinese Christmas Cookies

Chocolate, peanut butter, and chow mein noodles give this cookie a salty sweet flavor. My great-grandmother made these for Christmas every year and they were and still are a family favorite!

Author: Kasey

Whole Wheat Pasta

Fresh, healthy and very delish... I sometimes make this the traditional style, and when in a hurry, I throw all the ingredients into my mixer, with the kneading hook.

Author: Gia