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Coconut loaf cake

This easy coconut cake will give you a taste of the tropical. Bake with a handful of storecupboard ingredients and enjoy with a cuppa

Author: Member recipe by Charley Melon

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Indulge in chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert or as part of a romantic picnic. Drizzle over milk and white chocolate for the wow factor

Author: Liberty Mendez

The best apple crumble

You can't beat a traditional apple filling topped with crispy, buttery crumble - classic comfort food at its best

Author: Good Food team

Banana milkshake

An easy fruit shake you can create up in minutes, with creamy vanilla ice cream, a pinch of cinnamon and a swizzle of whipped cream

Author: Miriam Nice

Millionaire's shortbread

Get the right balance of biscuit, caramel and chocolate to bake the perfect millionaire's shortbread. Enjoy with your afternoon tea or coffee

Author: Miriam Nice

Peach cobbler

Bake a comforting, easy pudding with tinned peaches. Cobbler is an ideal, no-fuss dessert that can be on the table in under an hour. Serve with ice cream

Author: Elena Silcock

Easy chocolate mousse

Make this classic chocolate dessert in minutes with just a few ingredients - light yet delicious. Perfect for fuss-free entertaining to end a rich meal

Author: Elena Silcock


Learn how to make cannoli with our easy-to-follow recipe. A classic Italian pastry with a crisp shell and creamy, sweet ricotta filling, it's a moreish treat

Author: Lulu Grimes

Easy banoffee pie

Treat loved ones to a banoffee pie for dessert featuring a classic biscuit base, oozy caramel, bananas, cream and chocolate. Who could resist?

Author: Liberty Mendez

Microwave mug cake

Need a quick chocolate fix? Try making this easy microwave mug cake with storecupboard ingredients. It's even more delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Author: Member recipe by cabrioletbird

Raspberry sorbet

Make your own raspberry sorbet with just three ingredients. Perfect for hot summer days, or pairing with chocolate puds - and it's vegan too

Author: Esther Clark

Apple pie

Kids will love to help make and eat this comforting, classic fruity pudding with homemade shortcrust pastry

Author: Good Food team

Rhubarb & apple crumble

Use up a glut of rhubarb and apples for this simple crumble. Ground ginger adds a nice spice to the topping, but leave it out if you'd prefer

Author: Esther Clark

Lemon sorbet

A simple and refreshing lemon sorbet with just 4 ingredients, serve as a light dessert or in between courses at a dinner party

Author: Miriam Nice


Rustle up a super simple dessert with flummery - a mix of jelly and evaporated milk. Top with whipped cream for a treat the family will love

Author: Esther Clark

Mango sorbet

Make the most of sweet mangoes with this refreshing mango sorbet. Low in fat, it's the perfect dessert for warm, balmy days

Author: Cassie Best

Pastéis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts)

A classic Portuguese custard tart with buttery pastry and a hint of cinnamon and lemon in the filling. Who could resist these delicious tiny treats?

Author: Nuno Mendes


Our version of syrup-soaked baklava is gently spiced with cinnamon and cardamom, and has a blend of pecans, pistachios and walnuts

Author: Miriam Nice

No bake chocolate cheesecake

What could be more decadent? A crushed chocolate digestive biscuit base is layered with two types of creamy chocolate then topped with Maltesers and chocolate buttons - and no oven needed

Author: Becky Bowen

Chocolate eclairs

These deliciously decadent chocolate eclairs filled with creamy vanilla custard are worth the effort. Make a batch of these classic French pastries

Author: Sarah Cook


Enjoy a lamington with a hot cup of tea. This traditional Australian bake is filled with cream and jam, coated in a chocolate icing and rolled in coconut

Author: Esther Clark

Chocolate chia pudding

Make a tasty, healthy chocolate pudding in just five minutes. It's low-calorie and vegan, too, and the chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids

Author: Sophie Godwin - Cookery writer

Bramley & blackberry pie

Make the most of scrumptious seasonal fruit in this apple and blackberry pie, topped with our ultimate sweet shortcrust pastry

Author: Cassie Best

Easy chocolate bark

Create a delicious homemade chocolate bark with our easy, versatile recipe. We've decorated it using salty pretzel pieces and crunchy honeycomb

Author: Good Food team

Easy Eccles cakes

These classic British pastries are filled with currants, citrus peel, lemon and spice. Try our foolproof method for a crispy, sugar-sprinkled finish

Author: Sarah Cook


For an alternative wedding cake, try croquembouche

Author: Merrilees Parker

Salted almond brittle

A surprising topping for desserts - makes them that little bit extra special. Also delicious dipped in chocolate

Author: Jane Hornby

Peach Melba sundae

Peach Melba meets knickerbocker glory in this decadent sundae. Add a dash of champagne or prosecco for a grown-up dessert - the perfect end to a summer menu

Author: Tom Kerridge

Jam doughnuts

Make a batch of our sweet jam doughnuts for the ultimate indulgent treat. These pillowy soft doughnuts are well worth the effort and are great for sharing

Author: Justin Gellatly

Eton mess

Few desserts say summer like Eton mess. Crunchy meringue, whipped cream and strawberry sauce is a winning combination, best served al fresco

Author: Sophie Godwin - Cookery writer

Mississippi mud pie

This indulgent American-style dinner party dessert has layers of Oreo biscuits, brownie, chocolate custard and whipped cream

Author: Katy Greenwood

Apricot & orange rice pudding

Rice pudding with a fruity zing - made in the microwave

Author: CJ Jackson

Cookie dough pizza

We've seen pizza in all sorts of varieties, but this has to be our favourite. Top your cookie dough pizza base with any treats that take your fancy

Author: Chelsie Collins

Hot mocha puddings

It only takes a few minutes to mix, microwave and top these hot chocolate puds with ice cream and liqueur for a rich, indulgent dessert

Author: Good Food team

Strawberry cake

Make the most of strawberry season with our strawberry cake, with light sponge, jam and soft cheese icing. It makes a fabulous centrepiece dessert

Author: Cassie Best

Prune & chocolate torte

A dinner party favourite

Author: Good Food team

Bread and butter pudding

Transform a stale loaf into a comforting bread and butter pudding. This traditional British dessert is layered with a rich vanilla custard, dried fruit and lemon zest

Author: Katy Gilhooly

Strawberry & cinnamon streusel bars

Pack these in tins for picnics or school fetes, or serve single bars with a dollop of clotted cream for dessert. Blackberries also work really well when strawberry season is over

Author: Good Food team

Vegan vanilla ice cream

Indulge in our dairy-free and egg-free vanilla ice cream, the perfect dessert for summer as part of a vegan menu. Serve on its own or try with fresh berries

Author: Anna Glover

Warm berry compote

Treat yourself to this fruity compote - so good you'll want it with everything

Author: Good Food team

Bourbon, black cherry & bacon brownies

These American traybake brownies include all of our favourite things, chocolate, booze and bacon - pure decadence

Author: Emma Freud

Chocolate & hazelnut praline tart

A pure, unadulterated chocolate hit, made extra-special with crunchy hazelnut praline

Author: Barney Desmazery

Black velvet baby cakes

These gorgeous Guinness puds are an indulgent treat - and perfect for St Patrick's Day on 17 March

Author: Sarah Cook

Fresh raspberry jelly

This make-ahead summer dessert is bursting with intense fruity flavour - set in a classic jelly mould for a retro dinner party centrepiece

Author: Miriam Nice

Bunny cupcakes

These cute bunny cupcakes are a great Easter activity for kids, and they're ideal for party platters. These super sponges will be snapped up

Author: Lulu Grimes

Strawberry & mint granita

This light frozen dessert is smooth and slushy, like those from the east of Italy - a perfect palate cleanser to finish a dinner party menu

Author: Chelsie Collins

Apple rose tart

An elegant apple and marzipan dessert with a pretty floral design that tastes as good as it looks. Serve it warm or cool, with a scoop of crème fraîche or vanilla ice cream

Author: Miriam Nice

Roast whole pineapple with black pepper & rum

Roasting a pineapple whole gives you the best of both worlds - the outside is hot and sticky, but the middle is juicy and sweet, making the perfect summer treat

Author: Tom Kerridge

Sticky date pudding with coconut caramel

Try this luxurious version of sticky toffee pudding, using coconut milk for the caramel sauce. This is a pudding to share - friends will thank you for it!

Author: Tom Kerridge

Coconut chai traybake

This simple traybake is inspired by one of our favourite brews - chai. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom, this moist coconut sponge is the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa

Author: Cassie Best